$1.9 Billion Powerball Lottery Winner: Give Her a Hand, She Has a Big Heart

It couldn’t have gone to a better person

Lisa S. Gerard
4 min readNov 8, 2022


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I dreamt it, I believed it, yet I don’t control it.

So, I sent it out into the universe to make it happen.

Please be patient with me as I test out my refined manifestation tactics.

It’s an awful time to be a work in progress. I need reassurance that I have manifesting down pat.

This would be an ideal confirmation.

I won! I won! I won!

Is that how manifesting works?

I keep throwing my dreams, desires, and future visions out into the universe to encourage them.

They’ll become my reality, right?


I’ve done this once before — you need to manifest, Lisa, manifest your goals— and may have missed something.

I specifically put out in the universe that my ideal life partner would be someone trusted from my past. The man would already know me, my quirky, fun-spirited side, and he’d embrace my fabulosity.

He would laugh at my confident openness while the hair removal cream dried on my upper lip.

The man wouldn’t discourage me from writing country music lyrics because my English was too proper.

Admiration would fill his eyes when I diagnosed a faulty backflow valve in the kitchen. We would chop wood together like good ol’ boys and then ready our best selves for a Broadway show following dinner.

The man from my past would be blind to my idiosyncracies while overcome by my loyalty and grace.

I’d have queen status, but touchable and snuggly.

He would treat me like a lady and let me play like a boy — on my terms, my schedule. He’d cast no judgment or need to control me because we shared a deep understanding.



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