Middle of The Road Anxiety: A Caregiver Waits With Able Hands, Head and Heart Aches

How to better care for others starts with this reminder.

Lisa S. Gerard
5 min readDec 14, 2022


peaceful woman sitting on the road and waiting
Image by Tiểu Bảo Trương from Pixabay

Love is a verb.


Being proactive bites me in the arse more frequently than not.

Waiting is my kryptonite.

Known for my proactive mindset, strength, attention to detail, and ability to pull off compromises may be killing me as we speak.

This recent event is a lot, even for the likes of me.

Right now, breathing seems optional in between the throbbing in my head.

So much pressure.

Life circumstances can box us in, unable to make a move, and suffocation distorts reality. The box I’ve been shoved in is small enough to cramp my heart and lungs.

Boxes are uncomfortable.

The aftertaste of anxiety coats my tongue.

The forward-thinking me orchestrated a schedule to accommodate my three adult children, my grandchildren, and myself to celebrate Christmas.



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