Stomp on the 14-Year-Old Girl’s Heart, Future, and Make Her Life Worse — Good Job

The reporter chose a story over a minor’s life

Lisa S. Gerard
5 min readOct 25, 2022


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Lay off our kids.

Two things happened to me when I stumbled across a story on Newsbreak and Insider.

First, I stopped breathing for a second.

Then, came the squeeze — a tight grip on my heart with flashbacks to the past.

The story, with a few minor adjustments in the details, was my story.

My daughter’s story.

A horrible time in our lives, not easily forgotten.

But, a decade has elapsed and yesterday I was offered a silver lining to that dark period.

A “cup is half full” moment I never expected landed at my feet.

The short blurb of a story highlighted a teenage girl who stole her grandmother’s money. The girl was reported handing out cash to friends and strangers at her school.

Authorities were called and she now faces felony charges.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office told KDFW that it is unclear why the girl stole the money, which was half of her grandmother’s life savings, or why she chose to distribute it. — Insider

Here’s the thing.

Several things, actually, that are sickening about this story.

Of course, the Sheriff’s Office is unclear as to why the girl stole the money.

The girl may be just as unclear.

Felony charges?

14 years old.

I know nothing about this particular girl in Marion County, Florida.

I make no judgment. Maybe she’s a dirty rotten thief with no soul. Maybe she isn’t.

Maybe she’s just a kid who struggles.

Maybe, just maybe, her brain misfires social cues, and acceptable behaviors, and regrets her choice to steal her grandmother’s life savings.

Maybe, just maybe, she was crying out for help.



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