Weight Loss Journey ~ My 475 lb Swing

Rice for breakfast changed my life

Lisa S. Gerard


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I had no desire to see what bra size came after size 40 DD so I just stopped there and crammed into the bras I had. Whatever spilled out did so of its own volition. My side boobs had side boobs.

I have gained and lost close to 475 pounds in a 5-year window of time.

I blame all the fetuses involved in this debacle and the destruction of my once athletic frame. Though they are all in their 20’s now they still hear my complaints.

The girls would make me eat cheesesteaks, double quarter pounders, sometimes 2 in one sitting, drive-thru breakfast sandwiches, foot-long hoagies, and whole pizzas. Sicilian. Large. They demanded anything offered fried and greasy.

Sometimes all before noon.

No wonder they were individually responsible for 87 and 65 pounds respectively.

Image by Author ~ right before her rings had to be cut off

And then came my son. My glorious son who would be my final child. This amazingly wonderful gem of a boy craved all healthy salads and seafood. With him, I never ate an entire cheesecake, either. I loved carrying him.

Yet, he also made me gain 80 pounds. Really?

Not one to turn down a good (impossible?) challenge, I strapped on ankle weights before I was even medically cleared from the C-Sections. In the dark of morning, so I wouldn’t repel the general public as they drove to work, I would walk in my mismatched wardrobe. Honestly, what really matches a tent, anyway?

And when the sun rose, I hid in the darkness of my house. Tears would stream down my face as I attempted “Buns of Steel” on a VHS tape that you probably can’t even find in a dusty yard sale bin anymore. I would have sold my soul to the devil himself just for buns of anything but the potato sacks I had; they didn’t have to be steel.

After each pregnancy, 30 pounds would fall off in the first month. Yes, I know. Water weight. It motivated me to see the number on the scale rapidly changing no matter what it was. I have a lot of hair so I would step up the frequencies at…



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